About us
We have focused on the technical progress especially on printing since 1978.
We decorate on an unglazed plate with cobalt blue and put clear glaze on it before baking.
It is a traditional technique.
We do our best to meet your wide range of needs.
We can dye a beautiful contrast with blue and white with indigos and a light and soft color by using all techniques we obtained.
It is attractive that Mino-Yaki is familiar to life.
We aim for a leading company making Mino-Yaki including family use, business use and products for overseas with modern design and good quality.

Company name
Sanpou Co.,Ltd.
2247-19 Hida, Hida-cho Tokishi, Gifu-Prefecture
509-5115 Japan
Tel: +81-572-55-2175  
Fax: +81-572-55-2176
President Mr.Takehiko Shimizu
Year of establishment
Establishedin September 1976
Business content
Tableware manufacturing
Number of employees
62 employees